Launch of ardenwoods maintenance!

We are very excited to announce the opportunity for ardenwoods clients to take advantage of our new monthly maintenance service.
This is not your typical mow and blow monthly service. This is a crew of experienced gardeners working with you to maintain your lovely garden. So often I got calls from clients saying “We just spent all this money on a new garden and now no one is taking care of it, Help!”
This was the inspiration for starting ardenwoods maintenance.
Most clients have been shocked to see how competitive our pricing is for what is provided. I would rather see a client go down to twice monthly maintenance, pay similar pricing that they are paying once a week maintenance and receive a better product in the end. We spend time detailing the garden which is a long lost art in the world of landscape maintenance.
Call us for a quote today!

Our Services

• Full Design Office
• Licensed Installation
• Maintenance
• Project Management
•Tree and Shrub Procurement
• Water Feature Design
• Water Feature/Pool Design
• Residential/Commercial
• Exterior mood lighting
• Organic Kitchen Vegetables