This Week at ardenwood edibles: June 6th, 2009

Many Many Many different and unusual Pumpkin varieties went into trays today. What does that mean? That in one month when it is searing hot out...You will be able to plant these healthy pumpkin seedlings. Pumpkins take anywhere from 110 to 120 days to germinate and turn into a beautiful pumpkin in your garden. We are taking about 30 of those days off for you. Relieves a bit of the pressure, right!?

What got planted today on this rainy and drippy Pasadena thunder filled day? Take a peek!

Connecticut...Giant! Great Grand Pumpkin for carving!
Atlantic Giant...Looks just like it sounds. Giant!
Wee B' Little....The true original miniature pumpkin. A cutie.
Lil Pumpkinmon....A redish round lil pumpkin. Perfect for Patio Gardener.
Baby Boo...A white miniature pumpkin..too cute.
The Sorcerer...A medium size pumpkin. A fabulous carver!

Also planted week of June 8th:

Lemon cucumbers.
Vernandon Filet Bush Beans

Direct Sow items: Slow Bolt Italian Arrugula, Lettuce Bowl salad Mix, Southern Collard Greens, Lemon Basil, Lime Basil, Licorice Basil, sunflower varieties. Endive, Miners Lettuce, Duquet Dill, Delfino Cilantro, Feugreek.